About Us

What We Do?

The Long Leaf Co. was founded in Edinburgh for a simple reason. We wanted to search the universe for ‘Good Times’ and make them wherever we could. 

You may be asking, but why are we called The Long Leaf? And why, most importantly, is everything about space? There is a good reason. We wanted to capture the essence of space: the adventure, the hope and awe-inspiring synergy between science and nature. 

We’ve cultivated a unique Good times lifestyle brand that offers a range of artisan well-being products that we are seriously proud of.

If the flavour isn’t out of this world, or it does not shake our atmosphere, then it isn’t for us.

We’re small enough to focus on artisanal quality, yet produce everything in a pharmaceutical standard in a ISO9001 rated clean-room. 


What is important to us?

The vision is to create a Good Times brand that represents the footprints we wish to leave in the world. We want to experience life to its full potential, leave no rock unturned or place unvisited: all while having as much fun as possible.

There are three pillars that keep us together as one:

  • Quality > Quantity

    This is a phrase we have repeated in the team over, and over again, and is a mantra that has resulted in our brand being torn apart and built up again from the bottom multiple times. While we have the ability to churn out thousands of vape cartridges at a time we want to use the best ingredients, keep each experience fresh and make sure we carefully manage our capacity.

  • We Will Cultivate our Community

    Our community are our current customers, our family of retailers, our team members and collaborators. We will always do what we can to put our community first, and build our brand with our roots in mind. We are here for a good time - and a long time!

  • Make the Most of the Time We Have

    Before we started with The Long Leaf, we all agreed that this would only work if we are having fun, being creative and going home to a solid 9 hours. Time is finite. Why waste it with all those negative emotions? We set out to make the most of the time we have and make the most of every moment. We will bring this attitude to everything; from our product development, packaging, events and marketing strategies.

The Team


The Smokanaught & The Long Leaf

Once, the smokanaught was a simple being. Destined to roam thoughtlessly through space for another billion years. Consciousness began with the passing of a spore-garden clinging to a rock.

What caused it?

Maybe a strange stimulation from a plant that clogged the suit’s vents with it’s sweet scent. Thoughts came like asteroids beaming across glittery belts of  space technicolour gas.

Lights flashed in the smokanought’s helmet and it was aware.  

Years of harvesting from the strange long plant made the stars shone brighter, the universe became clearer and modifications grew on the smokanaught’s soft suit. 

The plant became affectionately known to the being as ‘The Long Leaf’. 

After billions more years past, floating in hyperdrive, the smokanaught crashed in a cloud of spore-vapour onto a planet. It was too busy dreaming of a universe seen long ago. 

Damaged, the smokanaught had leaked precious sap and watched as the spore-cloud vanished into the ground.

The earth glowed and waved, and grew. Grew into taller, and taller green wavy stills. Waves of green washed the land and opened it into faces. A gentle humming took the earth and churned out strange matter. 

The sap-garden attracted the simple beings that called this planet home. Hairy, unsophisticated and brutish. They found comfort in the plant and harvested it for themselves. In droves they came to sip the sap which made their heads swell and fuzz. 

The smokanaught, after resting for some time, collected the last of the sap within reach and drifted back out into thoughtlessness once more. 

Where the body lay, grew the garden of The Long Leaf.