Cannabis Cigars (Cannagars), Molds & Shells

Cannabis isn’t always known as ‘classy’ but it sure as well can be! Cannabis Cigars (Cannagars) & Cannabis Cigarillos (Cannarillos) are potentially the classiest of any cannabis that you can smoke.

Here is the thing, not only are the Cannagars designed for a slow, luxurious burn to ensure your high experience can last for as long as possible, the producers cut no corners. They cultivate the finest cannabis strains (of which we have a few) which are hand picked, and expertly cured, and hand wrapped in hemp papers or cured hemp leaves. The experience is almost second to non and will blow your roll-ups well out of the water.

There are a few companies who are renowned for their perfect cannagars and we have selected the finest brands who produce Cannabis Cigars that offer exceptional value for money (who wants to spend £600 on one?)

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