Cannabis Seeds

All For Show but Not Grow

Great things come in small shells. This is especially true for cannabis seeds. We have handpicked a range of cannabis seeds for a number of the most popular strains in the world, from the breeders with the best reputations. If you’re looking for some genetic brilliance to invest in, then you simply cannot go wrong here. 

All seeds come in packs of 3, 5 and 10 seeds. 

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Are Cannabis Seeds legal? 

This is the big question: are Cannabis seeds legal in the UK? Well, technically yes, they are. It does seem a little bit of a grey area but the seed itself does not contain any banned substances- after all, they are just seeds. 

We would like to say however, that the germination, growth and possession of the plant that comes from the seeds are currently still against the law. It is why we say that buying these seeds are for ornamental purposes and for keeping safe until such a time that cannabis is legalised in the UK.

We see seeds as an investment – after all, there are some very famous strains that are worth keeping in your bank. One day, they may be particularly valuable.