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Wedding Cake CBD Vape Cartridge (400mg – 0.5ml)

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  • 400mgs of Full-Spectrum Hemp-Derived Extract
  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes
  • 510 Thread Compatible
  • Porous Ceramic Cartridge & Atomiser
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Full Spectrum vape Cartridge with Cannabis Derived Wedding Cake Terpenes

Fit for a huge celebration. We strongly feel that there are two pillars that make a CBD vape cartridge out of this world; effects that brightens the starts, and flavours that are beyond words. A Long Leaf Wedding Cake cartridge will not disappoint. 

Our vape utilises space age technology and a whole load of cannabis know-how. The porous 100% ceramic cartridge contains 0.5ml of a super-thick uncut full-spectrum hemp derived extract that contains 400mgs of cannabinoids. Our slow-motion (when you turn your cart to the side you’ll see) extract is infused with real cannabis-derived terpenes from real Wedding Cake cannabis (10% content). 

This vape cartridge offers a vibrant flavour, calming hit of CBD and is compatible with a huge range of specialised cannabis vape-batteries – we have some if you don’t.

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract

  • Cannabis Derived Wedding Cake Terpenes

  • 100% Ceramic Cartridges & 510 Thread Port

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

  • ISO9001, ISO7 & GMP Manufacturing Facility in the UK

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About Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake strain is a true European classic. Even with its abundance, it is still a sought after strain. 

The classic Wedding Cake strain aroma is famous for it sweet citrus top notes (some suggest summer fruits), sweet creamy smoke, and a herbal peppery kick on the exhale. Some may suggest a sandalwood dry woody base which lifts the fruit flavours into the atmosphere. 

The delicate creamy sweetness is what inspired the strain’s name. 

Strain Info

  • Strain: Indica
  • Effects: Cerebral, Exciting and Relaxing
  • Flavours: Sweet citrus, creamy smoke and herbal peppery finish. 

Prominent Strain Terpenes

  • Myrcene
  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Linalool 
  • Limonene 

CO2 extracted Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid Distillate (Hemp Derived): CBD, CBG, CBC, CBE – 0.2% THC

Organic Cannabis Derived Wedding Cake Terpenes – 10% Concentration

A Whole Lotta Love. 

Long Leaf Cartridge

This isn’t rocket science. Using a 510 thread cartridge couldn’t be easier but we have a few tips to make sure the experience is perfect. 

Screw firmly into the head of your favourite battery and ensure the fit is secure before inhaling. If the extract is to one side, stand the pen up until the extract is evenly covering the bottom. This ensures an even covering on the cartridges coil. 

Inhale the vapour for 2 seconds and allow to rest for 2 seconds. This will coat the coils and pre-warm the extract. Inhale for 4-5 seconds and exhale when is comfortable. Repeat 2-3 times. 

The effects of the CBD may come on immediately, but allow up to 15 minutes for the full effects to take place  before repeating your inhalation cycle. 


Long Leaf Battery

Once the Pen is Screwed into place, draw on the cartridge until the LED light shines on the bottom of the pen. The pen should activate automatically. 

The pen will flash when the battery is running low, or depleted. To recharge, attached the USB connector and charge for roughly 1-2 hours. 

Do not leave the device unattended while charging. 

Additional information

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2 reviews for Wedding Cake CBD Vape Cartridge (400mg – 0.5ml)

  1. Mark G

    This is definitely the best CBD cart i have tried. Nice Terps..

  2. Craig Adams

    Quality packaging, a lot of thought went into making the experience a good one.

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