CBD Isolate Crystals

Like little stars of calm

The sheer number of different types of extract that can be drawn from hemp and cannabis even surprises us sometimes. 

CBD Isolate is an extract that you can buy online for as many purposes as you can think of; whether that may be for dabbing (when infused with terpenes) or for creating your own products at home. 

Whatever you plan to do with it, we thought we’d show you what we got and offer an opportunity to delve into everything we have come to know about CBD isolates. 

Where to buy CBD Isolates?

Great question! We’re just about to launch our own little selection of isolates, terpsolates and crumble dabs. They are out of this world. Keep an eye on our space! 

What is CBD Isolate?

Cannabis is complicated, so often when ‘CBD’ is talked about, it is in reference to an extract is preominantly ‘CBD’ yet still contains other substances that enhance the compounds synergistic effect. CBD Isolate is something different. 

CBD isolate can come in many forms, but you’re most likely to come across CBD isolate crystals which is a 98% plus form of pure CBD; there are no terpenes, no plantmatter and only trace levels of other minor cannabinoids. 

The good isolated CBD has been extracted using CO2 solvent gas to distil only the essential oils, and then winterised to remove the other unwanted compounds. 

CBD Isolate is increasingly being used in oils, tinctures, gummies and other products, but it is also considered a ‘dab’ and is widely used in vape products. 


There are 3 different types of Isolate: 

Powder/ Crystals

 The CBD forms itself into crystals of pure cannabinoid. These are tasteless, scentless and usually bought in the form of huge crystals or a fine white powder. 



These are our favourites. Terpsolate is simply CBD isolate which has had the terpenes/ terp sauce added to them to return the wonderful canna-flavours. 


CBD Isolate Products

The variety of ways that isolate extracts can be used is mind-blowing. CBD isolate is used in oils, vapes and other products that are infused with CBD. This isn’t the most effective form of CBD, but it does the job and is more cost effective for the end user. 

Are CBD Isolate Crystals Legal in the UK

Thankfully, yes… and it looks as though CBD isolate is the preferred CBD extract of the FSA (for some reason). 

CBD itself had gained legal status in 2016 and has been a healthy front runner in the wellbeing industry. This kind of extract does not contain any other cannabinoids that may live in a grey area in the law. 

So yes – isolate is completely legal here in the UK.

To be safe, if you want the product to be completely legal then you should ask for an up to date lab report. We can provide some on request. 

How To Use CBD Powder Crystals

How long have you got? We don’t want to bore you so we will keep this question simple; you can use the crystals in loads of ways. 

There are a number of ways to use CBD isolate Crystals

  • Infused into a Carrier Oil (to make CBD oil )
  • Added to a Vape (PG & VG mix)
  • Add into food (best via butter or oil)
  • Dab on a Rig 
  • Add CBD to topicals

Can I Take Too Much CBD Isolate? 

Based in the science, yes. You can ceratainly take too much Isolated CBD. Too much has shown up in toxicology tests in the liver. 

The FSA agree that a limit of 70mg of CBD per day should be applied. 

For us – we’d just suggest that you should take it slow and not blow yourself out by taking too much at once.