Chuckles Gummy Worms Review

Let’s be frank. The prohibition of cannabis is not helping anybody. It is ensuring that the market is forced underground and the quality, and safety of the products being sold, are completely out of control.

There has recently been a spike in the interest of cannabis gummies – infused with THC rich cannabis. Currently, one of the brands on-trend is ‘Chuckles’

Chuckles Gummy Worms are THC infused gummy sweets that are massive! Although they are currently illegal in the UK, you can find them under counters of corner shops, sold online, in your friend’s ‘magic’ cupboard. Once you know what these gummies are, then you’ll see them everywhere.

The problem is: that these gummies may well be dangerous with severe risks to your well-being. Not because they contain cannabis – but you may not be getting real ‘Chuckles gummies’ at all. Here is why.

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What are Chuckles Gummy Worms?

Chuckles look like it is a brand of gummy sweets from the US which have been infused with a cannabis extract. The exact origin is almost impossible to locate but we’re pretty confident that they are produced in the UK, and packaged here too.

With a little more research it seems as though chuckles cannabis gummies are not an actual company – but a brand used to sell cannabis gummies across the UK, and the globe. Where they are produced depends entirely on where the packages are sold.

What we do know is that the chuckles gummy bags are reproduced and sold en-masse to local dealers who can fill them with pre-purchased gummies or make their own. How safe, or how effective they are is neither here nor there. While there are many of us in the cannabis community who are dedicated to offering real products, prohibition has given rise to those who are more than happy to miss-sell, con or risk you life.

Recently, a lady passed away after consuming what she expected to be cannabis – the gummy was actually laced with spice and other psychoactive compounds. The potential of this happening to you is fairly low, but the risk is still very much there. Whether you can trust chuckles gummies is not a question we can answer.


What are they Like?

We did try chuckles gummies for ourselves – although they had been tested before we did consume them. The perks of being a cannabis company ourselves (CBD currently in the UK though)

First impressions, the bag looks amazing. It is bright colourful and packed with information about the gummies themselves. It was actually very exciting. We stood around looking at the packets like children reading the instruction manual of their new gameboy-game. It was a very nice bag.

Each gummy contains 40mgs of THC which is potent. The flavour of the gummies we had was amazing. It had loads of sweetness was perfectly combined with a hint of the terpenes – it is likely that the cannabis extract was sprayed in with the sugar. The crunchy sugar and the gooey gummy was delightful. It was certainly one of the best gummies that we had ever tasted, never mind it being rammed with THC.

The effects of these gummies were way stronger than we expected. It is likely that they contained much more than 40mgs of THC. Strangely, as we made our way through the bag we found that some gummies had no effect, and others had very potent effects. The inconsistency was a bit irritating.

It really highlights the issues around cannabis edibles from the underground market. It is particularly difficult to know what you have in your hands.


Should you consume chuckles Gummies?

The answer is no – we’d not recommend it. The risk is just too high and you have little, to no, idea what you are consuming.

If it were up to us, we’d suggest a more reliable/ trusted source or make your own at home.