CBD Dabs & Concentrates

So, you’re exploring for meteors of flavour; with a crust of cannabinoids and a stardusting of terps.

This is Well, it looks like you’ve come across the motherload. We periodically release a range of CBD concentrates; from epic crumbles and waxes to diamonds, sauce and distillate. 

You burst open your packet, to find pandoras little black box. A stardusting of terps fills the air. Behold. A sample of the finest cannabinoid concentrate from the stars. It is time to grap your space rig, fuel it up and enter our universe of flavour. 

This one is for the real space invaders; welcome to our universe. 


Our Cannabis Derived Terpene CBD Wax & Crumble

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

    We love to geek out about levels of cannabinoids, terpene ratios and all the fun stuff. We also like to know whether our CBD concentrates are free from pesticides, heavy metals and nasty stuff. So, everything touches a lab before it touches your door mat.

  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes

    If you know, you know. Cannabis derived terpenes are hard to come by, not always available and difficult to standardise. Regardless, our branded CBD dabs contain cannabis derived terps as standard. You can really taste the difference.

  • ISO9001 & ISO7 Manufacturing Facility in the UK

    We're not fixing up these treats in a rookie lab. Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 rated and GMP standards. For your safety, and ours (because we dab these too).

  • Artisanal Small batches

    While we have the ability to churn out thousands of grams of CBD dabs, we believe that quality is better than quantity. The ingredients we use, like any good cannabis product, are difficult to standardise and aren't always available. So we make what we have and drop them in small batches.

More About CBD Concentrates

CBD dab extracts are what they say on the tin; a refined extract of cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils from cannabis.

These extracts are for the super canna-flavour purists. If you want a huge hit of cannabinoids into your Endocannabinoid System and flavour that lasts all day. 

Dabbing culture really comes from the  underground cannabis market, but CBD extracts are a legal alternative, that won’t get your door kicked in. 

Our CBD dabs are as close as it gets to the ‘real deal’. You just need to get your space rig out, fuel it up and touch an authentic, terpy experience. 

Solvent Concentrates

  • Distillate (in the old vape carts & CBD Syringes)
  • Crumble (often called wax)
  • Shatter
  • Diamonds (Sometimes in Terp Sauce)

Solventless Concentrates

  • Kief 
  • Hash (freeze fried, water hash and pollen)
  • Budder
  • Rosin

CBD Consentrates we will Roll Out

  • CBD Wax / Crumble
  • CBD Syringes of Distillate
  • Diamonds & Sauce

What you need to know about concentrates and and what you could know are very different things. There is an endless amount of information out there which explains the different forms of extract, the extraction methods, terpene levels, burn temperatures, setting your dab right… oh dear, I need a dab myself writing all this. It positively makes the head spin. 

We’re just going to cover the basics because if you’re here, then its more than likely you know enough already. But we’re going to break down all of the different types of concentrates that are common.

  • Distillate – The thick oily stuff that is used in vape carts and. to make oils.
  • CBD Wax & Crumble– Wax and crumble are pretty much the same thing. They are a dry extract that has a crumbly, waxy texture. Look for the shine on the diamonds.
  • Diamonds – If you keep your extract for too long, sometimes you’ll see big crystals forming. Those are pure cannabinoids. Put them in terp sauce and you’re ready for blast-off.
  • Isolate – Pure and simple cannabinoids. Ultra refined and most of the time is a chunky powder. 
  • Shatter – Shatter and Rosin are similar, the only difference being the texture. It is like a chunk of terpy caramel brittle. 
  • Hash – This is often called ‘Squidgy Black’ but is traditionally a hand rolled substance of bashed buds. It creates a waxy, black mass of pure fermented cannabinoids, terpenes and goodness. 
  • Live Resin – If you freeze your buds while they are fresh, and then extract, you’ll have life resin. 
  • Kief – This is the stardust at the bottom of your grinder. You can collect enough and smother your blunt with it. 
  • Budder – If you can get some of this, then you’ll never not be happy. It is a light creamy, golden extract like bitter.. it is produced from fresh frozen buds and is SUPER HIGH quality.
  • Flan – Much like Budder, Flan is the top end of quality. It is a slightly different consistency to the former, but just as terpy and potent.  
  • Rosin – This is the most common THC concentrates because it is so easy to produce. You simply press your buds between two hot plates and collect the honey that escapes. Pure, bliss.

As Cannabis concentrates go, most of them contain THC which is a controlled substance; meaning it is illegal (sad face).

Thankfully, terpenes, CBD and other minor cannabinoids are legal here, and there are plenty of CBD waxes, crumbles and distillates to go around. Unless the big GOV get their filthy hands on them. 

The law is still muddled, and the specifics are still changing all of the time. What we know is that any product that contains less than an mg of THC is legal in the UK. Some say a limit of 0.2% which also looks accurate. 

This answer changes all of the time so bear with us….

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the wonders of full THC concentrates from the UK, and USA. It is a simple fact that most of what can be produced with the full flower is superiour in almost every regard. 

The UK CBD Wax and crumble market can be very hit and miss – a lot of the extract is dubious and the terpenes used are botanical, rather than cannabis derived. 

So, we had a choice to make. Do what everybody else is doing, make out own in out bath tub? Or just be brilliant. We chose the bath…jk. 

We have a facility dedicated to producing all kinds of extracts in small, artisan batches. Our extract is draw out from industrial hemp (sativa L) and infused with glorious cannabis derived terpenes.

Our offering may change a lot but we only accept what’s good currently. If we aren’t into it, then it doesn’t happen. Simple as that. 

every one of the extracts we have is 

Yes, they are legit.

Of course, they only contain CBD but the flavours from the terpenes are just as fire.

Oh! So you’ve found us and wondering whether we have any CBD syringes for sale? Well. The Answer. Is. Maybe. 

So, what is a CBD Syringe? In simple term, a CBD syringe is simply a syringe (or dispensary device) filled with a distillate – usually with a high CBD content.

Syringes are a suprisingly easy way to dose and dispense the high concentration extract. If you wanted to measure a dose to make your own tincture, or directly onto a dab station, then the syringe makes everything easy!



CBD Concentrates & CBD Syringes For Sale UK