Full Spectrum & Cold Pressed CBD Oil UK

Cannabinoids love to be together – so if you’re exploring for an oil with all of the naturally occurring hemp compounds then you’ve landed in the right place. 

This page has been grown specifically to show off the artisanal, small-batch cold-pressed CBD hemp oil and hemp extracts we have produced. Each is naturally rich in a full suite of hemp bioactives – plus – we’ve infused the oil with real live resin cannabis-derived day and night terpene blends. 

The completely organic and natural tincture is packed with a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, functional cannabis derived-terpenes, flavonoids and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. It’s super healthy and completely natural. 

(cold-pressed is also a non-novel product meaning the old gov love it) 

What is Cold PRessed CBD Oil?

Well, it is all the good stuff.

Cold-pressed CBD oil is a tincture produced using an old school method of extraction, which is steeped in tradition.

 The whole plant is crushed at a low temperature to press out all the goodness in the form of a thick oil – rather than extracted via a Co2 chamber.

While the extracts have a lower level of cannabinoids, the delicate phytonutrients are preserved, giving the oil a rounder, more naturally beneficial synergistic effect – also known as the entourage effect. 

The oil is already extremely nutrient dense, but we’ve added some organic extra virgin olive oil and functional day & night terpenes to get the very most from our oils. 

  • Supports your Endocannabinoid System (in the best way).
  • Improves Cognitive Function and Heart Health (Omega 3 & 6)
  • Calming and Soothing Terpene Blend.
  • Naturally rich in hemp bio-actives.
  • 600mg & 1200mg CBD Oils to choose from.
  • Non-Novel CBD oils (fully legal & compliant)
  • Full-Spectrum of Cannabinoids & Phytonutrients.
  • Functional Cannabis Derived Terpenes & Flavonoids.
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty Acids. 

Why CBD Oils are pretty awesome!

  • ISO 9001 & ISO7 Manufacturing Facility in the UK

    We're not fixing up these treats in a rookie lab. Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 rated and GMP standards. For your safety, and ours (because we dab these too).

  • Organic & Cold Pressed CBD Oils UK

    Our oils are pretty simple. They use a full-spectrum cannabinoid cold pressed extract. It contains all of the raw, natural and delicate phytonutrients which contribute to the entourage effect.

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

    We love a bit of science. Everything we've produced gets sent to a lab, and tested by a 3rd party. It ensures that the cannabinoid content is just right, and that our CBD oils are perfectly safe!

  • Small Artisanal Batches

    While we have the ability to churn out thousands of bottles of full spectrum CBD oils, we believe that quality is better than quantity. The ingredients we use, like any good cannabis product, are difficult to standardise and aren't always available. So we make what we have and drop them in small batches.

  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes

    If you know, you know. Cannabis derived terpenes are the best and hard to come by, not always available and difficult to standardise. Regardless, our branded CBD dabs contain cannabis derived terps as standard. You can really taste the difference.

Here is the question. There are two things to look at.

Firstly, the UK government have moved to regulate cannabis products which contain a high concentration of CBD. They have pulled the products under a regulatory process for new foods; this is called Novel Food. This is a process to assess the safety of new foods since 1998. The process requires a significant amount of data and safety data.

There is evidence of Cold Pressed CBD hemp oils being consumed before this time, and therefore they are considered safe by the UK government. Our oils are cold pressed and therefore completely legal to sell in the UK without being required to be listed on the FSA’s website. 

Secondly, the law stipulates that any CBD product cannot contain any more than 1mg of THC. Our oils are tested for your safety and to make sure they comply with UK laws. 

CBD oils naturally contain terpenes, which have their own beneficial effects. We have thought carefully about the affects of each oil, and have added extra terpenes to give the oils a wee zing. 

Live resin terpenes are extracted using steam distillation to softly extract a beautifully fragrant and high quality terpene oil.

Each batch is produced from a unique cannabis phenotype and extracted from live cannabis flower. This is an expensive process but it produces the best, most natural flavours.