Raw & Full Spectrum CBD Paste

Ooooh! You’re after the pure rocket fuel? The strongest, most potent and arguably the best kind of CBD that can grow on earth? Well then, welcome to our universe. We have a range of raw, organic and naturally full spectrum CBD pastes which have been super-charged with day and night terpenes. 

A pure glass vessel filled with super potent thick full-spectrum raw hemp extract and real cannabis-derived live resin terpenes. This is an adventure that you’re going to love, and share with your friends!

These are for the dream makers. 

Full Spectrum CBD Paste

  • Fully Recyclable Glass Syringes

    Our CBD paste is packed into a reenforced glass syringe with an airtight lock. Long gone are the days of unsealable cheap plastic tubes. If this is the gold standard of CBD, then it needs the gold standard vessel to protect it.

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

    We love to geek out about levels of cannabinoids, terpene ratios and all the fun stuff. We also like to know whether our extract is free from pesticides, heavy metals and nasty stuff. So, everything touches a lab before it touches your door mat.

  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes

    If you know, you know. Cannabis derived terpenes are hard to come by, not always available and difficult to standardise. Regardless, our branded CBD vape cartridges contain cannabis derived terps as standard.

  • ISO9001 & ISO7 Manufacturing Facility in the UK

    We're not fixing up these treats in a rookie lab. Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 rated and GMP standards. For your safety, and ours (because we vape these too).

  • Artisanal Small batches

    While we have the ability to churn out thousands of tubes of organic CBD paste, we believe that quality is better than quantity. The ingredients we use, like any good cannabis product, are difficult to standardise and aren't always available. So we make what we have and drop them in small batches.

The Strongest Hemp PAste!

Our CBD paste is one of the strongest you can find in the Universe, not simply down to its huge 2000mg cannabinoid content, but also the added terpenes and full synergistic suite of hemp bioactives. Each regulate and enhance each other to make the strongest form of CBD we can produce. 

Each super strong paste provides a naturally full-spectrum and raw dose of cannabinoids to support your Endocannabinoid System

Our Hemp paste is also naturally rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and other delicate hemp bioactives for all-around support and well-being. 

What we are even more proud of, is the added boost of life resin terpenes. Whether you choose the light, fruity and energising day blend, or the dark, sweet and soothing night blend, your ECS will thank you to the moon and back. 


Yes, this hemp paste is legal. The determining factor on it’s legality is whether or not it contains THC. Our paste contains a level of THC that is complaint with current UK legislation and is therefore, legal in the UK. 


We love being a little bit creative and like to experiment with our CBD. If you’re the same, then you’ll be looking to create your own CBD oil using this paste: because it allows you to tailor your perfect dose, and create your perfect mixture of ingredients.

Our raw cannabinoid extract is enriched with a huge punch of cannabinoids, hemp bioactives and terpenes, which are all an essential part of a supreme full spectrum CBD oil. To create an oil, you simply need to add our CBD paste to a bottle and mix it with a carrier oil; whether that be cold pressed hemp oil, MCT oil, olive oil or something else entirely. 

To start with, you should find your perfect dose, and adjust the amount of paste you put into the bottle. 

The best way to create a 5% CBD oil with 1000mgs of cannabinoids is to put 1000mg of paste into the bottle, and fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil You must shake the bottle well to help break the paste down to become more liquid. 

The main benefits of CBD paste is it’s completely natural power. It is exactly how the universe intended it to be. 

Natural hemp extracts unleash the full power of the synergistic entourage effect where each component regulates and enhances each other. It is impossible to deny that a refined CBD product comes close to a fully natural extract. 

The cannabinoids, terpenes and bioactives all have different roles in the body. The cannabinoids (and a few terpenes) support your endocannabinoid system, the terpenes can influence the way your body feels and hemp contains a complex of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which aid in bodily repair, and multiple other health benefits.