How to Make a Cannagar At Home?

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Although we have a number of Cannagars for sale on our website, we thought that we would take to time to write a detailed instructions as to how to make your own at home. It sounds quite difficult, but once you get the steps in place you can make yourself a real ‘high’-end Cigar for you, or your friends.

Before we being, we need to collect a few things: Firstly, a hemp paper wrap, or if you want to really throw the boat out, some large Cannabis Leaves. Indica leaves are better as they are broader, but cured leaves will do. Next is nicely cured Cannabis Flower (single or mixed strains to preference); the sticker, the more resinous the flower the better. You want them to stick together. You’ll also need a cannabis oil, soft concentrates (distillate or rosin) to glue the leaves together and slow the burn speed. The last thing you need is a cannagar mould like this one (with additional accessories like skewers and mouthpieces).

Make the Core

The first step of how to make a cannagar at home is to make the core using your mould. Start by latching your mould with a skewer through the hole at the bottom. Give your lovely flower a very fine grind and pack into the mould using the packaging tool you get from Purple rose. As long as the flower is tightly packed, then you have a long, slow, smooth and even burn.

After the leaves are tightly packed into the mould, leave in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It will be best to put the mould away for up to 2-3 days, but a couple of hours should be a minimum.


Once your core has set it, it should come out in a nice bundle tube on the skewer. The smell of the terpenes is unreal at this point. The next stage is to wrap your cannagar in either a hemp leaf paper or real cured cannabis leaves (the cannabis leaves are a real showpiece).

Once you have removed your core, you should coat it gently with your sticky oil or rosin. The softer and sticker the oil is, the better. You need to cover all of the core so that you can start to glue the wrapping in place. Be very gentle during this process. If you are coating you cannagar in a CBD distillate, you can use as much as you like, but if the concentrate is a THC rosin, you must consider the strength of the cigar. If you overdo the concentration, you may have a wide ride after a puff or two.

Once the distillate is evenly covering the core, attach the filter with some more distillate to overlap with the wrapping, and slowly roll the leaves around the core. The leaves should bring the whole cigar together and cover the bottom. Either cut or spin the top into a peak.

Cure & Smoke

Now that the core has been rolled, you need to leave the cannagar in a cool dark place for up to a week. This will dry the cigar into place and should remove the chlorophyll if you have used leaves. This is the key part of the process to make the cigar as lip-smacking as possible.

Now you know how to make a homemade cannagar!

How to make a homemade cannagar