Jaffa Dawg Strain

Weird yet wonderful

The Jaffa Dawg strain is a real underground cult maker. The aromas are of bitter citrus rind, chem and fuel rounded off by a confusingly stimulating and sedating high. 

Jaffa Dawg strain Aroma & Flavours

The old Jaffa Dawg has become a real gem in the underground market. If you can get your hands on some, then you’re likely into something very special. 

The aroma and flavours are quite evidently from the ‘Dawg’ lineage, but they present with a bit of a twist. 

The overpowering notes are of chemicals, fuel and sour pine in a very similar profile to Stardawg. What gives Jaffa Dawg it’s twist is a high note of citrus sweetness.

The two flavour profiles come together to produce a very enjoyable strain. The sour chem and citrus blend into a sour orange rind peel palette cleanser. 

Predominant Terpenes of the OG Kush Strain


Effects - Hybrid

THC 20% – CBD 0%

The effects of the Jaffa Dawg strain are a mixed bag – as a hybrid, it has taken on characteristics of the many strains which came before it. 

We feel that the best description is a strain that is unusually strong, and the instant hit can be disorienting. The dizziness and mind-race does subside into a focused, cerebral and energetic high but the body feels slow and lethargic. 

It is a particularly strange experience and potentially one suited to relaxing with loud music, and colourful lights. 

Jaffa Dawg strain Benefits

We’re not particularly sure here as the strain is much more suited to a recreational situation. We’d say we noticed: 
  • Potential to decrease depression
  • May reduce nausea and mild aches and pains
  • Boost in appetite 

(no medical claims here – simply information based on the full THC strain)

The Jaffa Dawg strain is very new in the UK underground scene, and we’re not sure at all where this strain has originated from. With a little research we found that the strain was produced in the UK, and is likely to originate from the North/South East of England. 

The strains that are said to have been used to cross the strain are a Cookies Hybrid, A Dawg (potentially Stardawg) and Mandarin. Some have also suggested an Agent Orange cross in there somewhere. 

There is a few mentions of the ‘jaffa’ line from the UK, and they are generally attributed to ‘Frosted Dank Genetics’.

How accurate this is, we are unsure. It seems as though the UK scene is moving very quickly, and many strains are misnamed or called multiple names. 

From what we have seen the buds are thick, bunched and long with an olive green patchwork of colour. 

The buds are very, very thick with resin and trichomes that sparkle at you in the light. 

It is generally quite hard to tell this strain apart from other Dawg’s and other ‘Jaffa’ strains we have seen.