Mango Kush Strain

Sweet & Spicy

Sugar, spice and all things nice. Cinnamon and Apple. Mango and Kush. The Mango Kush strain is once of balance and harmony - both in flavour and effects - it's one of our favs. 

Slow down and get some of that good Kush.  

Mango Kush Strain Aroma & Flavours

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who reach for a coffee, and those who smash a morning Mimosa. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the harsh realities of life, we’d be firmly in the second of the two. 
But what we’re missing is a morning blast of tropical fruits, citrus tang and a creamy herb that tingles the tongue like a smooth glass of champagne. The mimosa strain is one of the best flavour profiles you can taste – in our humble opinion. 
Start the day the way champions do.  

Predominant Terpenes of Maui Wowie

  • Myrcene – 56.8%
  • Beta-Caryophyllene – 11.6%
  • Beta-Caryophyllene – 11.6%
  • Limonene – 9.4%
  • Linalool – 5.8%
  • Humulene – 3.7%
  • Beta-Pinene – 2.6%
  • Ocimene – 2.2%
  • Phytol – 1.6%
  • Terpineol – 1.4%
  • Fenchol – 1.2%
  • Other Terpenes – 3.7%
Mango Kush Strain
Maui Wowie Strain

Effects - Indica

THC – 19% – CBD 0.1%

The flavours are mellow but the hit comes on quick. 

Even before the flavours have stopped dancing on your tongue you’re likely to experience an uplifting body buzz that makes everything feel light and soft. 

Enjoy it while it lasts because after a little while the strain melts down into a sense of sedation and relief. Get yourself comfy and lock yourself to a couch. 

The strain is ideal for busting stress and anxiety while helping people who struggle to sleep. 

There aren’t many marriages quite as successful as the Mango strain and Hindu Kush. Their offspring being one of our all time favourite terpene profiles: Mango Kush. 
Other than which strains were crossed, there isn’t too much to learn from the origins of Mango Kush. It seems to be one of those 60’s strains when nobody wrote down what they were doing. Like all legendary strain’s of those days, it is good enough that word of mouth alone secured it’s place in history for years to come. That’s when you know a strain is magnificent. 
We know that this is a rare indica strain that has gained cult following for its mellow tropical high notes and spicy kush tickle on the tongue.

This little nug looks like a half ripe mango.

It is a collage made up from two tones of green and thick burning orange pistils. from a distance, the nugs sometimes look orange or yellow which makes perfect sense when you open the bag and get hit with the aromas. 

The trim of the nug is densely packed but easy to break apart.