Mimosa Strain

Tropical Treat!

Named after the famous alcoholic cocktail, the Mimosa throws up huge flavours of pineapple, grapefruit, grape, lemon juice and a smooth creamy champagne.

Start the morning right. 

Mimosa strain Aroma & Flavours

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who reach for a coffee, and those who smash a morning Mimosa. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the harsh realities of life, we’d be firmly in the second of the two. 
But what we’re missing is a morning blast of tropical fruits, citrus tang and a creamy herb that tingles the tongue like a smooth glass of champagne. The mimosa strain is one of the best flavour profiles you can taste – in our humble opinion. 
Start the day the way champions do.  

Predominant Terpenes of the Mimosa Strain

  • Limonene -25%
  • Beta Caryophyllene -24%
  • Alpha Pinene – 12%
  • Myrcene – 9%
  • Ocimene – 8%
  • Beta Pinene -8%
  • Humulene – 7%
  • Guaiol
  • Linalool
  • Camphene
  • Alpha Bisabolol

Effects - Sativa

THC – 20% – CBG 1%

The Mimosa strain will give you more than a little bit of get up and go. Like a Mimosa after a long nice, it will pick you right up. 

As you might expect from a wake and bake the high is very fast acting with a huge blast of euphoria. Personally, we think the best time to enjoy a mimosa is outside at the start of a day you know is going to be productive, beautiful and warm. A bridge spring or summers day is where you need to be. 

The mimosa strain is very strong so new users may encounter a bit of mind-race or paranoia but just take a little bit of CBD or black pepper and you’ll settle the high down. 

The other main side effect of the mimosa strain is sedation if too much consumed. Some users report that after a long day of consuming Mimosa, they feel heavily sedated rather than energised. Take this information forward as you will. 


Mimosa strain Benefits

The Mimosa strain is a powerful sativa hybrid likely to reduce the feelings of: 
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • May reduce nausea and mild aches and pains

(no medical claims here – simply information based on the full THC strain)

Maui Wowie Strain

Mimosa is a staple for the UK cannabis community. It is the most famous example of a superb ‘wake and bake’ strain. 

The Mimosa strain (can often be referred to as ‘Purple Mimosa’ ) is a genius combination of the Clementine and Purple Punch strains. The people behind Mimosa are Symbiotic Genetics. It blew our minds when we found out that the strain was produced in 2018 – it feels like the Mimosa strain has been around a lot longer than that, and has already reached super-star status.

With the mimosa strain you’re likely to encounter a few different kinds. First is the generic tightly packed, milky olive green buds that smack of herbs and tropical fruits. The bud is just mild, dense and easy to confuse with an indica hybrid of some kind. 

The second is the ‘Purple Mimosa’ which is common in the UK. This is where the dense buds have flecks of purple which bounce off the orange pistls and bring the buds to life. The purple colour doesn’t impact the effects and is simply a reaction caused by cold cultivation. 

The final Mimosa we have seen has a bright orange glow from long orange pistils that are washed out with a thick milky layer of trichomes. 

Obviously, the full THC strain is still illegal in the UK so it is not sold legally. It is however, a very popular strain with the underground growers and dealers from the USA. Clearly, we cannot advocate for purchasing cannabis in the underground market, but if you do, make sure you’re choosing a trusted supplier. 

What you may be buying is something else completely; even if the nice shiny bag tells you it is a mimosa. 


Thankfully, you can enjoy terpene profiles from the Mimosa strain in the UK completely legally. Whether that be a concentrate, vape or something else.