OG Kush Strain

Some Good Kush

A genuine classic. A floral hashy 

Start the morning right. 

OG Kush strain Aroma & Flavours

OG Kush is the ‘Original Gangster’. For so many people, the OG Kush strain is the quintessential cannabis aroma and flavour. 

The hybrid has a very unique, and very identifiable spicy, skunk and fuel aroma with a mix of citrusy pine. 

The basic elements of OG Kush’s iconic flavour profile have laid the foundations for strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Headband & Ghost OG. 

Predominant Terpenes of the OG Kush Strain

  • Myrcene – 32.6%
  • Limonene – 24.9%
  • Beta-Caryophyllene – 21.1%
  • Linalool – 5.9%
  • Beta-Pinene – 3.6%
  • Nerolidol – 3%
  • Terpineol – 2.7%
  • Fenchol – 2.4%
  • Geranyl-Acetate – 1.4%
  • Borneol – 0.8%
  • Other Terpenes – 1.6%

Effects - Hybrid

THC – 18% – 25% – CBD 0%

The OG Kush strain is potentially one of the most widely used cannabis strain on earth. It being a perfect 50% hybrid seemingly makes it different for everybody. 

The most reported experience is one that starts quickly. The strain starts with an immediate head-high of euphoria, happiness and giggles. If you’re around people, then it is a great time to get chatting. 

As the high settles you’re likely to start to feel more relaxed and more peckish. The OG Kush strain is well known for making even the fussiest eaters hungry. 

If you have scored yourself a little bit of the OG Kush strain then make sure you’re surrounded with people and have lots of snacks to hand. From there you’ll have a wonderful night. 


OG Kush strain Benefits

The OG Kush strain is a powerful sativa hybrid likely to reduce the feelings of: 
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • May reduce nausea and mild aches and pains
  • Boost in appetite 

(no medical claims here – simply information based on the full THC strain)

The OG Kush strain, as we have just mentioned, has been cultivated and distributed for more than 30 years. It is one of the most consumed strains of all time.

The true origins of the famous OG Kush strain is not full known but from a little bit of research we’ve learned that the strain is thought to have come out of Northern California and could be a cross between Hundu Kush, Lemon Thai and Chemdawg (apparently another strain).

What we know for sure is that the OG Kush strain is beyond famous, and, even today, is considered to be one of the best cannabis strains ever produced. Thankfully, the original Kush is so easy to find and enjoy these days, that anybody can enjoy it. 

The OG Kush strain is fairly easy to identify by its scent, but they aren’t particularly identifiable to look at.

Some observations we have are that the buds tend to be small, fairly branchy and loosely packed. Compared to other strains, the buds are usually much smaller than other more modern strains. 

The buds are very leafy, thick with trichomes, with bright orange pistils. What you need to expect is a spicy, woody, pine which hits your nose as soon as you open up the bag.