Rainbow Belts Strain

Stars and Sparkles

Ohhhhhh Starman! Racing through your mind. He loves it when it's funky, and hates it when its bland! 

Taste the rainbow and touch the sky. 

Rainbow Belts Aroma & Flavour

The aroma hits you like a bag of cali: the stuff that you can smell across the room. A wonderful fruity, floral top note with a deep herbal (almost chemical) bass. 

The interesting thing about the Rainbow Belts strain’s aroma is the ballet between sweet and OG gas. The complexity of the hashy finish makes this strain what it is – a genuine delight. 

Just like a funky bit of french cheese and Rasberry jam, the Rainbow Belts Strain hits all the right notes in the strangest of orders. 

This strain will certainly pique your interest if your friend even has a pocket of the stuff.  

Predominant Terpenes of Rainbow Belts

Annoyingly we don’t yet know 🙁 What we’ve seen online is a trio of regular dominant terpenes

 Linalool, Caryophyllene, Limonene

Effects - Indica

THC – 24% – CBD 0.1%

The best indica’s allow you to become a total space cadet; skipping across stars and dream-liners trailed by moon dust.
In short, the Rainbow Belts strain feels like your floating in outer-space – in all the right ways. Think about your worries washing away, your stress dripping out your ears and a sense of euphoria filling you up like an atmosphere balloon. 
The Rainbow Belts strain is very strong, so although you may feel like you’re soaring through the atmosphere, in reality you’ll be stuck to the couch. 

Benefits of Rainbow Belts

The Rainbow Belts strain is a unique indica leaning hybrid and likely to reduce the feelings of: 
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Nausea 
  • Insomnia 

(no medical claims here – simply information based on the full THC strain)

Oh yes. Now we’re talking. The Rainbow Belts strain is something very special indeed. Potentially even more special that the strains that went into producing it. Rainbow Belts is the result of crossing Zkittlez and Moonbow 75 (Zkittlez x Do-Si-Does)- clearly a match made in the best part of the universe.

The people at Archive Seed Bank can take all the credit for this magnificent creation.

While it doesn’t seem as though the strain has won any awards, the accolade of being one of the top 5 most sought-after strains on earth surely counts for something? Right? 

Based on the reviews you can find on leafly- the Rainbow Belts strain (if you’re lucky enough to find some) may be one of the tastiest, most delightful strains you’re likely to ever try. 

Rainbow Belts is a pretty sticky, clumpy strain which has the dense structure of a classic Indica – but the bud can be quite long, rather than coned. It looks like a huge nugget sodden in spider-webs. 

The leaves and buds are a nice olive green, with lightly coloured orange pistils. What stands out is the fact that this strain is dripping with cannabinoids and resin.

Lovely stuff for galaxy hopping.