Stardawg Strain

So Many Stars

The old dawg has learned some new tricks. We're touching the stars ⭐️ here with Stardawg's complex, and funky aroma. The strain has a savoury funky sharp citrusy funk with a prickle of pine, a shh-shh of spice and woody dankness. 

Put some sparkle in your step with a little bit of Stardawg. 

Stardawg Aroma & Flavours

The Aroma of Stardawg is funky and sour. Expect notes of lemon, fuel with a piney spice once the buds are ruffled.

The pungent earthy flavours are swirling and complex: from a thick woody smoke, which lingers with spice dripping with diesel and lemon juice. It’s weird but wonderful. 

Predominant Terpenes of Stardawg

  • 0.305% beta-Caryophyllene.
  • 0.281% Limonene.
  • 0.216% Myrcene.
  • 0.073% alpha-Humulene.
  • 0.051% Linalool.
  • 0.048% alpha-Bisabolol.
  • 0.047% beta-Pinene.
  • 0.028% cis-Nerolidol.

Effects - Sativa

THC – 20% – CBD 0.1%

Stardawg offers a uniquely powerful range of uplifting, energising yet relaxing effects. The strain is best suited to long outdoor walks, meeting with friends and being creative. 

The strain is known for its potent body buzz and cerebral high which melts away stress, worry and pain alike. 

Stardawg was originally cultivated on the warm shores of the cali-coast. Oh I wish I was a cali Stardawg plant – laying in the sun all day. 

The strain was produced by crossing Chem Dawg 4 and Tres Dawg by TopDawg Seeds. It’s waves of popularity started in the early 90’s and have spread across the globe; putting Stardawg on the top ten of most common strains in the UK. 

The name comes from the THC rich (naughty) strain which is so thick with trichomes that it twinkles in the sunlight – like stars. Hence: Stardawg. 

Stardawg presents as an amazingly resinous, frosty bud of olive green and bright orange pistils. This thick layer of trichomes should sparkle and the scents of citrus-y gass will be very strong. 

Often, in the Uk a Stardawg strain will present itself as Purple (known as Purple Stardawg). This is caused by cold cultivation and will not change the strain in any other meaningful way. 

The buds are usually trimmed in a long dense bud. 

Stardawg CBD Products

Stardawg is one of the most popular CBD vape strains in the UK, thanks to its complex funk. We have stocked a range of CBD Stardawg and we’re proud to hold some of the best Stardawg vape products that are available. 

Find below a selection of Stardawg strain inspired products.