Sunset Sherbet Strain

Super Sweet & Creamy

This of yourself on a beach, enjoy a glowing orange sunset and rifting off to the sound of the waves. This strain packs punch in both flavour and effects. 


Sunset Sherbet strain Aroma & Flavours

This strain comes right from the candy shop. From this strain you should expect clean notes of candied fruits and sweet summer berries wrapped in a familiar creamy funk.

If you’re a fan of Girl Scout Cookies, then you’ll recognise the slightly sour, creamy herbal coating which elevates the candied elements in Sunset Sherbet. 

Strangely, the fruit notes have a zing to them and are almost too sweet to be natural. Like a tube of classic orange sherbet. 

Predominant Terpenes of the Sunset Sherbet Strain

  • Limonene – 0.23%
  • Pinene – 0.23%
  • Humulene – 0.1%
  • Terpinolene – 0.19%
  • Caryophyllene – 0.26% 

Effects - Indica

THC – 17% – CBD 0.1%

This one is a creeper. It builds very slowly and catches up on you as long as ten minutes after a toke.

As a potent Indica leaning hybrid, Sunset Sherbet strikes with a full on body high. You should feel your shoulders come down, your chest swell and a warm feeling of euphoria. 

The particularly unique aspect of the Sunset Sherbet strain is a sense of cerebral elevation despite the hazy sedation. While many indica leaning strains tend to sedate the user, Sunset Sherbet brings in a huge heady high which feels as though your head is poking above a bunch of sleepy clouds.

The strain is great balance between the effects of a perfect indica and a perfect sativa. 

The strain’s name all but sums up the flavours you should expect, and the effects of the high.

If you recognised the herbal creaminess of Girl Scot Cookies when enjoying this strain, then you have a great tongue for flavour. Sunset Sherbet is a cross between GSC and a lesser known strain called Pink Panties (apparently derived from Blackberry Kush). 


The sherbet clearly doesn’t fall far from the cookies. 

A nug of this strain should be understated, olive green in a branchy cluster that looks sugared. The thick trichomes give the buds a glossy donut appearance.