Food Grade & Cannabis Terpenes

Terpenes are kinda hard to come by. Well, good ones anyway.  

Good old terps are so much more than flavour or aroma and they are one of the most important chemicals that you can derive from the fruits, nuts and (our favourite) the cannabins plant. They also have their own effects, flavours and list of benefits which in turn can completely flip your cannabis experience on its head.

From a sticky, sleepy couch-lock indica or a feisty head-racy sour haze the difference is, most of the time, terpenes.

We have taken the time to curate a whole universe of cannabis derived and food grade terpenes for you to explore the world of flavours we have at our finger tips. Whether you wish to infuse a vape with your favourite cannabis strain, or make a dish canna-licious, then here you’ll find all of our terpenes here. 

Our Cannabis Derived & food Grade Terpenes

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

    We love to geek out in a lab coat and play with terpene ratios and all the good stuff. We just want to know that our terpene blends are perfect, and are not contaminated with anything they shouldn't be So, everything touches a lab before it touches your door mat.

  • Food Grade & Cannabis Derived Terpenes

    If you know, you know. Cannabis derived terpenes are hard to come by, not always available and difficult to standardise. So, we only accept blends that are just perfect.

  • ISO9001 & ISO7 Manufacturing Facility in the UK

    We're not fixing up these terpenes in a rookie lab. Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 rated and GMP standards. For your safety, and ours.

  • Artisanal Small batches

    While we have the ability to blast out thousands of bottles of cannabis derived terpenes, we believe that quality is better than quantity. The ingredients we use, like any good cannabis product, are difficult to standardise and aren't always available. So we make what we have and drop them in small batches.

More About Our Terpenes

Live resin cannabis terpenes are the best of the best. Or so we think so. 

Our live resin cannabis-derived terpenes are extracted directly from fresh, frozen cannabis plants. They are gently steamed to draw our precious delicious essential oils.

Because the live resin cannabis terpenes are derived from the real strains themselves, they preserve the natural terpene profile and gift us with a more authentic aroma and flavour.

With their strain-specific compositions, live resin cannabis terpenes are believed to enhance the entourage effect, resulting in a more well-rounded and robust cannabis experience. Additionally, the diverse and nuanced terpene profiles found in cannabis may offer targeted therapeutic benefits. While individual preferences may vary, live resin cannabis terpenes are favored by many for their unique characteristics and potential advantages.

Solvent List of our Most PopularTerpenes

  • Orange Cookies
  • Cherry Kush
  • Forbidden fruit
  • Peach Ring
  • Kush Cake
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Blue Lavender
  • Kush Mint
  • Watermelon Kush
  • RNTZ
  • Zkittlez
  • Mango Kush
  • Wedding Cake
  • OG Kush
  • Garlic Breath
  • More, more & More