THC E Liquid | Can I Buy it in the UK?

THC E-Liquid | What is the fuss & Can I Buy It in the UK?

There is an infinity of ways for us to consume cannabis, but certainly one of the most modern and stylish is via a quick puff on a Juul, or belt out a custom rig.

These quick, clean, easy to use kits can produce a huge hit of THC on the go – so whether you’re enjoying it recreationally or medicating throughout the day, this is an ideal way to keep your lives of THC up in short controlled puffs. So what is a THC E-Liquid and can they be purchased in the UK?

What is a THC E-Liquid?

As simple as it sounds – a vape oil only really contains 3 main consistent ingredients: nicotine (optional), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). These are combined often with flavouring (including yummy natural plant terpenes) and other active ingredients such as cannabinoids.

CBD vape oils have taken the UK by storm since 2016, and you can find all forms of cannabis-infused vape oils on the market. This is not saying that any of these are any good. The US is a couple of years ahead and in some states, it is possible to obtain a ‘full spectrum’ vape oil which a majority of the psychoactive compound THC. Once the liquid is superheated by the kits internal coil, the compounds are vapourised and turned into a thick white cloud of smoke oof THC rich goodness.

For many, this is a slightly cleaner way to get their nicotine fix or look cool in front of their mates. It is also a very subtle way to get high without too much fuss – plus vape oils can pack a huge punch!

Where Can I find THC Vape Oils in the UK?

Sadly, you cannot legally buy THC vape oils because they are still illegal in the UK. While you may be able to get a couple of cartridges here or there, if you know the right people, for most of us it will be a little bit of a wait before weed vape oils are full legalised.

A few words of warning, please do not be tempted into purchasing something on an unverified website. There are a few reputable companies here in the UK who claim to sell THC rich vape products but we can tell you that it is not what you will expect. Most of these oils are simply CBD vape oils and only contain as much as 0.2% THC. While technically the oils contain THC, they are basically just CBD oils and will not do the job.

On a side note, of you are looking to get your hands on some THC E-Liquid, until the industry is widely regulated it may be best to try and create your own at home by decarboxylating some bud into a vape oil mixture. There are numerous online tutorials which are fairly easy to follow.