What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil may just be the most well known medical cannabis secrets in history. A substance with mythical properties of healing and remedy, yet a ‘class A’ harmful drug? So which is it, a herbal healer or a dirty drug?

Before digging into to RSO itself, lets talk a little about what the oil is and where it came from?

The Rick Simpson oil is a very well know cannabis concentrate that takes its name from its inventor. Way back in 2003, Rick Simpson created his cannabis oil after noticing three ominous lumps on his arm, which were later found to be basal cell carcinoma- skin cancer. Simpson was no stranger to the medicinal properties of cannabis and turned to the oil to topically cure his condition.

Within a number of days, it is said that the cancerous growths had disappeared. His doctor had thrown up doubt as to whether this was the cure, but Simpson became an evangelistic force driving forward to need to understand the medicinal powers of cannabis.

Rick had discovered the power of cannabis while searching desperately to help deal with the symptoms of tinnitus caused by a fall while at work. After watching a documentary about the possible benefits of Cannabis, Rick decided to give it a go and was amazed by its effectiveness. Once he found the lumps he could see no further alternative.

Until today, Rick grows and produces RSO free of charge and has helped a very large number of people overcome their ills.

What are the benefits of RSO?

As it stands, there are no human medical studies which have to show the benefits of RSO – and it is still illegal in the UK (although, you can still find examples of the oil fairly easily online). We completely understand the due diligence that trained medical professionals to need to do to ensure that all claims are valid, but RSO has been used as an underground treatment for skin cancer ever since. It has also been known to aid with the other side effects of cancer.

For those who do not like the gregariousness of cannabis, the Rick Simpson oil may be the perfect middle ground: it contains a balance of cannabinoids, it is discrete and can be easily taken in a food or a drink.

How to Use Rick Simpson Oil?

Before anything – speak to a trusted medical professional. If you are looking to try RSO then it should be taken with caution and at your own discretion; annoyingly, RSO is still illegal in the UK and will come with stiff penalties.

First week: Low and Slow is the name of the game. You should start with a small dose of half a grain of rice which should be applied to the affected area 3 times a day. At first, you may experience some sleepiness during the daytime, but this should vanish after a couple of weeks.

Week 2 to 5: It should take some time to build up to roughly a dose of a gram of the oil. This will be the full dose.

Weeks 5 to 12: Every 8 hours, you can be taking up to 9 full rice grain-sized drops of the RSO.